Poetry Club Talks…

Poetry Club Talks…Love Poems, Frost and Pastan

November 19, 2021

Topic: Love Poems Featuring Frost and Pastan
Host: Ron
Poems: "Love Poem", "The Telephone", "Two Look At Two"
Recorded: November 13, 2021

Poems for Discussion- Frost and Pastan


Ron hosts this stimulating discussion seeking the answer of what constitutes a love poem.  The group considers three unlikely, not typical love poems by Robert Frost and Linda Pastan.  What elements tell the reader they are about love or expressing love?  

We start with a poem that straight-up says it is trying to be a love poem.  Next, a flower becomes a telephone with a direct connection to the person you are thinking of.  Then during a landslide in the mountains, two people visually connect with two deer, "Love and forgetting might have carried them /  A little further up the mountainside"  Does a love poem need to be about romantic love?  Tone, imagination, the figure of speech, and rich imagery all play a part.  Please join us for another tantalizing talk.


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