Poetry Club Talks…

Poetry Club Talks…Lawrence Ferlinghetti Part 2

March 17, 2021

Topic: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Host: Ron
Poems: "Spring About to Happen" and "Between Two Cities"
Recorded: March 13, 2021

Ferlinghetti Poems Discussed

This week Poetry Club Talks finishes our discussion about the late poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  We take a look at a few of his signature poems, discuss word selection, rhyme and speculate on the author's intention. Ron is the host.  He shares these thoughts, "The attachments provide 8 poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, including his best known and most admired, “constantly risking absurdity,” which I think are representative of his work and will offer a good basis for our discussion."  Poetry Club enjoyed talking about the work of Ferlinghetti.  Please hit the "LIKE" button and comment. 


"Lawrence Monsanto Ferlinghetti (March 24, 1919 – February 22, 2021) was an American poet, painter, social activist, and the co-founder of City Lights Booksellers & Publishers.[2] He was the author of poetry, translations, fiction, theatre, art criticism, and film narration. Ferlinghetti was best known for his first collection of poems, A Coney Island of the Mind (1958), which has been translated into nine languages, with sales of more than one million copies.[3] When Ferlinghetti turned 100 in March 2019, the city of San Francisco proclaimed his birthday, March 24, "Lawrence Ferlinghetti Day".[4]"  -Wikipedia

All poems are copyright and owned by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  Please visit Ferlinghetti's website to read his full BIO and learn more about this important poet.  


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