Poetry Club Talks…
Poetry Club Talks…W.S. Merwin Part 1

Poetry Club Talks…W.S. Merwin Part 1

January 18, 2021

Topic: The poetry and life of W.S. Merwin
Host: Amory & Linda
Poem: "Thank You" & "For The Anniversary of My Death"
Recorded: January 16, 2021

Four W.S. Merwin Poems

Poetry Club discusses two poems by American poet W.S. Merwin (b.1927-d.2019), "Thank You" and "For the Anniversary of My Death".  Linda starts us off with his biography, then Amory guides us through two of his poems.  Merwin had a simple life as a Zen Buddhist, pacifist, environmentalist, and writer.  Can we ever know what the author truly intends?  Safe to say, we walk away from the two poems in awe of his world-class abilities, and personal life. 

Next week we'll discuss "In Time" and "Elegy For A Walnut Tree"  

Poetry Club Talks…Translation with Sean Dwyer

Poetry Club Talks…Translation with Sean Dwyer

January 13, 2021

Topic: Translation
Host: Ron
Poem: W.S. Merwin's translation of Pablo Neruda’s “Poema 20”
Recorded: January 9, 2021

Dwyer vs Merwin / Poem 20

We have a guest this week! Author, poet, musician, Western Washington University Spanish professor, and host of the monthly Village Books Open Mic Sean Dwyer joins the club today.

Under the microscope are two poems; W.S. Merwin's Spanish/English translation of Pablo Neruda’s (b.1904-d.1973) “Poema 20” vs. Sean's translation.   Open up the document (attached) and follow along as Sean takes us line by line, explaining the difference between native and dictionary translation, the importance of cultural understanding, the effort to keep the original rhyming scheme, and more.  

We packed the presentation and Q/A into one show
Start - 43:00 minutes is a line by line exploration
43:00 - 48:00 Sean reads his translation in Spanish
48:00 - 1:20:00 Group Question and Answer
1:20:00 - We close with Pablo himself reading the original "Poem 20"  
-Thank you Sean for joining us today.  It was a delight!
Please visit Sean's website to learn more about this fascinating writer:
photo: Dwyer, Author photo and the cover of his latest book "Quest for Tears" about his recovery from a traumatic brain injury.  
Poetry Club Talks…RC Weslowski Part 2

Poetry Club Talks…RC Weslowski Part 2

January 5, 2021

Topic: RC Weslowski
Host: Shannon
Poem: "Follow Your Dreams"
Recorded: January 2, 2021

Follow Your Dreams

In part two, Poetry Club enthusiastically examines RC Weslowski's "Follow Your Dreams", a three-minute slam performance poem.  The work brings up many questions such as is slam poetry poetry, and if so HOW do you approach it? We also explore if "writing hungry" produces better work and does success ruin the quality of creative expression or strengthen it. 

Thank you, RC for sharing your words.  We really enjoyed your three poems. -Poetry Club

RC Weslowski is the 2016 Sheri-D Wilson Golden Beret award winner for excellence and innovation in the spoken word. He’s a 2 time World Cup of Poetry Slam Finalist, A Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Champion,  A Canadian Festival of Spoken Word Haiku Champion, A CFSW Underground Indie Champion, A CFSW Team Slam Champion, an NPS Haiku Death Match Runner Up, an NPS Team Slam Finalist and COACH of the 2014 Vancouver Youth Slam Team national champions.

RC gave us permission to discuss his poetry.  The poems attached belong to RC Weslowski.  Do not use without his permission.

Please visit his website to watch videos and learn more about this fascinating person.

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